• Nous développons, accompagnons et transformons les entreprises, leurs marques et leurs réputations.

    We develop, accompany and transform brands, companies and reputation.

A creative and independent agency

We specialize

in the initial stage of branding but also create all the necessary tools to the development of a brand We accompany enterprises in the development of their communication strategies and ensure that they answer strategic objectives We benefit from a unique know-how of the aviation industry and industries in general.

We love

accompanying companies in their evolution, in line with market approaches Working in international and multilingual environments ‌ Learning from different cultures Motivating people to work together towards common causes and projects Working with people of quality in atmospheres of trust and fun.

What we do


We transform your strategic objectives into adequate and efficient communication strategies and plans that respond to mid/long term strategic goals.




You name it, we design it!

We create, develop logos & graphic guidelines as well as the communication tools you require (brochures, advertisements, stands, websites, annual reports, illustration, newsletters, invitations, flyers, documentation).

We also accompany the development of your visual identity on stands (sector trade fairs), interior design and office space management.

Our knowledge and experience across an array of sectors also enables us to offer you a written content in several languages.



We design websites, their structures and develop content (internet, intranet, customer portals and e-commerce). We also manage social networks and e-reputation.



Our expertise enables us to assist our clients with “spot” communication needs. A current change in your internal structure, a sudden ramp-up, we propose interim management services, whereby we are able to assist you “in-house” and manage your day-to-day communication needs such as helping you with your internal communication (campaigns, newsletters) or press relations. We offer you a close and short to long term service


We create and develop brands and make sure that they evolve with their market. Today, a brand can account for as much as 80% of a company’s value.

We equally develop advertising campaigns (corporate, HR, commercial, recruitment…) and help you with your brand protection.


We develop and manage media plans as well as driving press relations in accordance with your communication strategy. We provide you with solutions for your reputational interests and business objectives.

Our team

Cynthia Jordan

Cynthia JORDAN

Founder and CEO

“After 10 years as communication director in international groups, I decided to found CMYK&CO in 2012 with one simple objective : providing the ‘right’ communication solutions to clients in today’s increasingly competitive market place.”

Sylvie Lefebvre


Agency Director

“Benefiting from an interior architect background, I like to reconcile creativity and rigor. I have held various positions in event communication and training.”

Aurore Havenne


Account Director

“Passionate about design and online communication trends, I made it my everyday mission to translate our client’s strategies into ‘spot-on’ communication actions, both online & offline.”


The essence of a project is the perfect harmony between aesthetic, useful and rightful - Frank Lloyd Wright

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